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Pet Health Network: This is the leading vet authority on all topics related to your pet’s health. Use this website to read information or to search for more information relating to your pet’s health.

PennHIP: PennHIP is a not-for-profit program wholly owned and operated by the University of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to develop and apply evidence-based technology to direct appropriate breeding strategies aimed at reducing in frequency and severity the osteoarthritis of canine hip dysplasia. Here are links to the 3 rescue groups we are participating with, we offer first preventive care visit free.

Lancaster Humane League:

Animal Rescue League of Berks:

Cat Works:

Pet Health

Poison Control Tips
Healthy Pet from AAHA
The American Heartworm Society
Healthy Cats For Life
Your Dog’s Heart
My Cat Has Diabetes
Veterinary Partners
Dental Care Guidelines
KNOW Heartworms
Dogs & Ticks
AVMA Animal Health
FDA.Gov Pet Health Care
Pet Obesity Prevention

Pet Fit
Owner’s Guide to Healthy Weight

Pet Organizations
American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Association
Humane Society of the United States
The American Kennel Club

Pet Behavior
Virtual Pet Behaviorist
Cat Behavior Tips
Dog Behavior Tips
Dog Behavior & Training
Clicker Training
Clicker Solutions

Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Royal Canin
Traveling With Pets
Trips with Pets
Pet Airline Travel
Places to Stay
Motion Sickness

Veterinary Professional Organizations

American Animal Hospital Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Veterinary Dental Society

Pet Insurance

Kids’ Links

Growing Up With Pets
Woof, It’s a Dog’s Life
ASPCA’s Guide to Kids and Pets

Pet Loss Support

Rainbow Bridge
Grieving the loss of a pet
Pet loss and grief
Ten tips on coping with pet loss

AAHA Guidelines:

Surgery Information:

Ophthalmology Information:

Dermatology Information:

Cushing’s Disease:

Addison’s Disease:



Kidney Failure:

Limb Amputation:


Grief/Pet Loss:

General Sites:

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